I'm Bob Greenlee, CPA...

A Certified Public Accountant in Dothan.

Selecting the right Accountant in Dothan, Alabama, is a major decision.

Your business success must be based on sound financial footing and consistent adherence to the tax laws, or it will not be successful for long.

There are a good number of Certified Accountants in Dothan who can provide reliable services for your small business. Here are a few questions to ask before making this critical decision for your business...

  • What other services, beyond the usual reporting and number-crunching, do you offer?

  • How can you, as my accountant, help me make money?
    The answer will help you find out if your accountant is really interested in your business. Did they review the financial information you provided prior to the interview? Did they make sure you understood the accounting concepts they were talking about, or were they just using lots of financial jargon?

  • How are fees structured and calculated?
    The accounting firm should be able to quote a specified amount geared toward the information and time frame when your results will be ready.

  • Will the same people always service your account?

At Bob Greenlee, CPA, we believe a well-qualified Accountant should be equipped with the very latest knowledge and real-life experience in many parts of your business, including Tax Planning, Business Consulting, Personal Finance Advice, and Networking with other businesses. A good accountant will develop a detailed knowledge of your business and your business financials.

The best Accountants in Dothan maintain good client relations, extend prompt service, take a sincere interest in their clients, avoid arguments, return phone calls promptly, and treat clients as equals.

If you're looking for an Accountant in Dothan that you'll recommend to your friends, call us today at (334) 791-0368.

- Robert Greenlee specializes in business and individual tax returns, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable, and consultations in Dothan, Alabama, and throughout the Wiregrass area. An Air Force veteran, he attended the University of Hawaii and University of Georgia, and completed his education at the University of Alabama in Birmingham with Honors. He's a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts and the Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants.